Our extraordinary cuisine

One of the easiest ways to understand our culture is to immerse yourself in its extraordinary cuisine. Puglia boasts a variety of fruits, vegetables, dairy products, meats and seafood unique to the area.

If you’re looking for a chef to come to your house during the holiday we have the most professional and informal chefs that will cook for you the same dishes you could see in an Apulian kitchen. Our menu is comprised of the freshest ingredients the area has to offer.
You are given the possibility of creating the menu with our chef in order to get that hands-on experience in preparing an authentic pugliese meal. The preparation time can last a few hours depending on the type of menu selected. A traditional meal consists of an appetizer, first and second courses, side dishes and dessert. 

*This exclusive in-house Chef service is only available to guests staying in HelloApulia's Holiday Homes

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