Our guidelines for the stay

Going on vacation with your 4-legged friend means being able to fully enjoy your holidays with the whole family! To ensure a comfortable and hassle-free stay, please adhere to the following guidelines.

  • - The presence of the animal must always be expressly and previously authorized at the time of booking. Each property accepts only one pet. In the event of the request of more animals, guests must have a written confirmation from our booking office which will indicate any additional supplements and/or an increased security deposit.
  • - For hygienic reasons and for the health of your pet, it is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN to immerse your four-legged friend in the pool: the pools are treated with chlorine and chemicals that are not suitable for an animal's skin. Violation of this rule will result in the withholding of the entire security deposit as well as, at the expense of the guests, any cost of restoring and/or sanitizing the swimming pool filtration systems.

  •  - Always clean your pet's droppings, especially if they affect the garden area surrounding the property. 

  • - If your pet is used to climbing into beds or on sofas, they will probably feel the need to do so while on vacation. To avoid damage to the furniture and/or linen supplied, please cover the bed or sofa with a protective cloth. We will provide you with a cloth to cover the surfaces to avoid dirtying them with drool or hair. Alternatively, if you prefer, you can bring towels or blankets that the animal is used to using for its greater comfort. For the cats' outlet, you will find a scratching mat.

  • - We will provide the structure with basic equipment to make your four-legged friend's stay as comfortable as possible. Please leave bowls and accessories clean and tidy as you found them. The damage or the disappearance of the accessories will be charged to the security deposit at the end of the stay. 


  •      - Towels for dogs / cats
  •      - Bowls for water/food
  •      - Bags to collect pet waste
  •      - Pet bed with soft cushion
  •      - Scratching mat