The enchanting white city in Italy

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Ostuni is one of the most stunning cities in Puglia, famous for the dazzling effect of its whitewashed houses. It is a genuine and charming example of Mediterranean architecture.

Ostuni is a pearl that stands over the Adriatic coast, a favourite destination for many

Known all over the world as the “white city”in Italy it stands on a hill a few kilometres from the sea. Ostuni is one of the wonders of Puglia, made famous by the whiteness that characterizes the historical centre. The houses are painted white each year which serves to keep the rooms cool during the summer months.

What to do in Ostuni. A stroll through history, architecture and archeology

Ostuni has become a favourite destination for many travellers. The sea in the resort of Rosa Marina can be reached from the centre in a few minutes. In this region, tourism is a highly developed activity in both in terms of accomodation, restaurants and swimming areas. Whoever comes to Ostuni must take a few days to fully absorb the wonders of the area. The dazzling whitewashed buildings of the old town will leave you breathless. Piazza della Libertà, with its obelisk of Sant’Oronzo soars for approximately 21 metres which introduces you to the typical baroque architecture of Salento. The church of San Francesco and the adjoining conventi s one of the most important churches in Ostuni; the original facade of the church has undergone profound changes over the centuries, so much that it is no longer visible, having been incorporated into the former convent since 1883, which later became the Town Hall.

Before relaxing and enjoying a traditional dish in one of the many restaurants that are dotted all over the centre, the Holy Spirit church, is a rare example of late-Gothic architecture in Puglia and the 15th century cathedral dedicated to Santa Maria della Assunzione are definitely worth a visit.

Other churches and several stately residences follow one another in the old city, surrounded by the Aragonese walls where Porta Nova and Porta Dan Demetrio open up.

What to see near Ostuni

Just outside the center there are two very important parks: the Natural Archaeological Park of Santa Maria di Agnano and the Parco delle Dune Costiere. Dune Costiere Regional park - from Torre Canne to Torre San Leonardo

The former is so important that it goes beyond the national borders and continues to be the destination for many scholars from all over the world. Here begins a journey through time; observing the archaeological finds found in the caves from the Paleolithic and Middle Ages.

The second, instead, is a wonderful naturalistic park born with the aim of avoiding the extinction of many species of animals and plants and preserving biodiversity.

The patronal feast of the Madonna della Grata

On the first Sunday of August Ostuni celebrates the Madonna della Grata with a spectacular procession that attracts all the inhabitants of the city and the surrounding area. The church of the same name is located in the valley, just outside the town. It is linked to the legend of a man who has been miraculously cured here, so that today it is considered a sanctuary. The legends and the ancient stories linked to these places will remain etched in the soul along with the infinite nuances that color this land.