Putignano Carnival 2019

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The most wild days of the year are approaching and we are already starting to prepare for the Carnival 2019.

The Carnival in Putignano awaits you: it is the oldest and longest in Europe. Not to be missed!

Puglia boasts numerous celebrations and events related to the carnival, the festival of pagan origins in which anything is possible. Festival of pagan origin celebrating the god Dionysus in Greece and Bacchus in ancient Rome, traditionally takes place from 6 January and ends on Shrove Tuesday, which occurs this year on March 5th.

The history of the Putignano Carnival

The Venice Carnival is famous all over the world, but what many do not know is that the Carnival was born in the Apulian town of Putignano 622 years ago. The Carnival begins in December with a sacral and a popular event: it is the Ceremony of the candle, during which people give a candle to the church, to ask for forgiveness of sins that will commit during the Carnival, and of the Propaggini, a unique appointment in occasion of which perform improvised satirical performers, who, dressed as farmers to pay homage to the rural origins of the festival, do not spare sarcasm and mocking of local politicians. Every Sunday there is the great parade of allegorical wagons until the fat Tuesday, the day in which the funeral of the carnival is held, the parade of carts and the burning of papier-mache pig symbolizing the end of the period of excesses to leave space for Lent. To conclude the whole is the Bell of the Macaroni, symbolic object of the place (once again in papier mache) with its 365 strokes marks the end of the party, giving way to the bingeing and the pleasures of the table, between dances, music and shows.

The Art of Paper Maiche

The allegorical floats that parade through the city are made entirely of paper mache thanks to expert paper-making masters who are able to build real and monumental works, which also host groups of dancers who perform during all the shows, in addition to other groups that perform on foot. The show is truly spectacular!

The mask of a Farinella

Farinella is the traditional mask of the Putignano Carnival, which takes its name from the symbolic dish of the Putignano cuisine: a very fine flour, obtained from chickpeas and barley, a simple and substantial food, in the past inevitable presence on the poor peasant tables, which was accompanied by sauces, oil or fresh figs. Cheerful and light-hearted, with mocking eyes and ironic smile, Farinella, is the symbol of a carnival that lasts all year, a party that contains joy, reflection, melancholy, joy and excess.

Traditional dishes

If you have a sweet tooth, take advantage of the numerous local bars and patisseries to taste the "chiacchere"", crispy strips of egg pasta, fried and covered with icing sugar.

Chiacchiere - lacucinaitaliana.it

If you want to receate the taste of Carnival in your own home, why not check out the recipe for Chiacchere

Whilst on the subject of the best flavors of the Apulian confectionery tradition, it is impossible not to mention the "tenerelli", colorful confetti that preserve inside them a heart made of almonds and chocolate flavored with various flavors, for an unmissable taste that makes this product a symbol of the party.

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